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  • Hello  Daniel  ,

    I would just say thank you! Thank you for your answer, thank you for your letter, thanks for the good mood! Every your letter raises my mood and I am very pleased to receive and read them! It is very interesting for me to know more and more about you my dear!

    You are coming to me every time you write to me and take me to another world……

    I wonder how is your day today? Pray it to be cheerful.

    You have pleased me with your photos very much,thank you for them!!!

    I am having a usual working day and the director seems to be better today, not so angry and irritated. Well, there are different kind of directors and they think if they are directors, all the power is in their hands. I do not pay too much of attention to this, I am just working and doing my responsibilities.

    And do you know that you are making me to be a woman who is dreaming ? And dreaming often for now…..

    For me life is not easy for now and the war actions are not over yet and I worry about my granny and pray this war to have the ending and for now the end is not seen as the people still die, they are injured, they have their homes to be ruined, to be shot and if to think about those small children who died ,who were killed from the year of 2014,so many lives were stopped. You know, every time I think about it or watch some news and the sufferings of people are shown, I am having my tears full of tears.

    I wish I were having magic, I would change the things. I have never been rich and for now it is not becoming better, the country is torn and there is no wise head to the country who would make it to be prospering.

    It is very difficult to find good job and earn and be happy.

    I have noticed that you are becoming a part of my life, yes you do. You are so easy to talk to and I am talking to you frankly and as it is.

    How do you think on what stage of our relations are we?

    I feel I would like to be for you more than a friend, how will you take my words to you? Do you think we will manage to make the plans come true with you and together? Or it is very early to think about such kind of things and I do not need to rush?

    I want to get rid of loneliness so much. I was having relations with a man in the past, I can call him ex  husband  and we were living together for five years but he was found out to be lazy and the more I worked, he could not find good job and was sitting on my shoulders and did not worry too much about finding work, seeing that I am with granny and do not have any other support and I was hoping he would change, but….he did not and I have asked him to leave my place and to stop relations. he was trying to return and was doing it not in polite manner but insolently, which I was not going to stand at all. I can say that I am fed up with such kind of attention to the woman the man loves(at least he says so).Yes those how the men are in my country and the majority of them are such and the good one are already having families.

    My granny has always been telling me that I will find my destiny and I deserve better half and I am having the hope that you can be that half of mine. Again rushing the things? But only the God knows.

    Well, I am sending to you my photos and the one is from the time I went to the Azov sea and right in the photo I was going to go to the beach and that is the swimsuit on me. And in another photo I am at my granny the last summer time. I hope that you will like my photos and I will feel it if you liked or not.

    Do not forget about your photos to me, ok? If you have this possible.

    The photo frmo the previous letter was taken in the Crimea.

    Yes it is possible to come to Kiev for me.I am for the life which was before war and it was in Ukraine,but I consider there is the need to change the leaders of the country as they have come to the power with war variant and made the previous president to run away and it was not according to the law and for now they are crying how true they are and they are filling their pockets and that is all.

    What is bla bla car?

    I will be waiting impatiently to receiving your letter, dear. Kiss to you.

    Your Natasha.

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